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How To Own Your Social Accounts

If there’s one thing that we learned in digital marketing this past year, it’s clearly that you DON’T own your social accounts. You don’t own your followers, you don’t own your content and you don’t own the amount of time that you allocate to building your audience. They can all be taken away from you in one day. Therefore that begs the question… why do it?

Clearly we do so as platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok are where we go to get eyes on our brands. We are seeking instant gratification, clicks, swipe-ups and potential conversions whether they be sign-ups, sales or streams. While these are all in fact valid reasons, as intelligent business people we must ALWAYS keep in mind that we do not OWN these digital assets. They are simply on loan to us and lie at the behest of their respective true owners (the platforms) and algorithms.

Take this example… if you are investor, what you are acquiring when you purchase a stock is ownership. You work towards creating a diversified portfolio of stocks, exchange traded funds (ETFs), options, mutual funds, your 401k, IRAs, etc. All assets of which you actually own and can convert to cash at any time that you desire (taking into account taxes and fees). However, you can’t do the same with your social accounts. You don’t own them and you can’t convert them into data. Well, until now.

Subscriber’ is a platform that I built to solve this exact problem. Subscriber is what I refer to as the modern subscription platform. In the same fashion that users ‘follow’ you via your social accounts, they subscribe to you or your brand via Subscriber. However there is ONE MAJOR DIFFERENCE. When users subscribe to you, you actually get and OWN their full data. When I say their full data, I am referring to the raw data that includes their First Name, Last Name, Location and most importantly, their EMAIL ADDRESS or MOBILE NUMBER (for SMS).

If you haven’t already noticed, social platforms WILL NEVER provide you access to a follower’s email address. The email address is where all the value lies and if they give you their email addresses, well then they’ve lost the game. They don’t want you to have direct access to your followers. They want you to have to depend on their algorithm to access YOUR followers. Or better yet, to pay to advertise to a greater audience of their users. In either case THEY win, not you. When you publish content, they win and when you give them money, they obviously win even more.

So what can you do? How do you go about converting your followers to data, like you convert your investments to money? This is what… you need to be converting ALL followers from your social accounts to raw data from the minute you create those accounts. And you can do this with Subscriber.

Here are the simple steps you need to take:

  1. Create social accounts for each of your brands (which you’ve probably already done)
  2. Create Subscribers for each of those same social accounts (
  3. Continuously convert your social accounts to Subscribers that you own. Place your Subscribe URL in your Facebook website location, your Instagram link in bio and story swipe ups (if you have access to that feature) your YouTube video descriptions, etc.

Now you OWN your social accounts and are winning!

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