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What is Subscriber?

Subscriber is a powerful new service which allows you to continuously convert your followers and website visitors using Subscribe with Facebook, Google, Apple, Email or SMS. Now you can OWN your audience AND REACH 100% of it.

At this point you’re probably tired of spending a great deal of time and effort attempting to increase your following on social media platforms. Once you finally hit your first goal of a certain number of followers, you realize that only 10-20% of your audience actually sees your content due to the social feed algorithms.

Enter ‘Subscriber’. With Subscriber you have your very own web app where your audience can Subscribe to your business, brand or organization using the accounts they already have on the world’s largest platforms such as Facebook, Google and Apple. Once they select their preferred platform to subscribe with, Subscriber will capture the following profile information and put it in YOUR Subscriber database:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address or Mobile Number
  • Profile Picture
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Continent

It’s just that simple! In one click you have all of their contact information. Simply place your Subscriber link to your ‘Link in Bio’, your swipe up ‘Stories’, your website and anywhere else you can add a link. You can even embed Subscriber on your website (check it out at the bottom of this blog post).

Now, for every follower you gain, you can convert them into a Subscriber. Communicate with them via Email, SMS or both and ENSURE they see your latest content. Don’t let the big platforms have full control over your brand. It’s YOUR brand and YOUR audience. Own it!

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